Is It Important to Be Recognized on Social Media? How to Become a Phenomenon?

 Using the Internet and your imagination, what can be done at most? If you think about it, our answer would definitely be Instagram. Many social media platforms are moving towards a specific goal, while Instagram has a constantly growing user base due to the fact that everything exists in it. Moreover, because it is addictive, it will not be wrong to say that we now do our every job on Instagram with the places we visit, the food we eat, our ideas, the convenience of transportation to celebrities and dozens of other people we cannot reach. 

According to the recently announced data, internet usage in Turkey is 75.1% of the population, while social media usage is 3 hours per day. According to user reviews, activities such as online gaming, watching video content, reading news have a total of 4 hours, while social media use alone is over 3 hours. Instagram is used a lot, and with 9.1% use on 10, the list

Yes, Instagram is quite important. It is not only possible to follow someone or share photos, but now it is possible to find a job, make more sales, reach even the most remote places in Turkey on a global scale. There is a very important promise for advertisers. 'If the audience you are going to advertise to can reach the product, you should advertise.' We can handle it very simply. For a swimwear company, advertising on national channels will be very important for the strength of the brand, while the people who will buy the product will only go on vacation or sit by the sea. But to use Instagram is to sell swimsuits for hundreds of pounds, even to people who have never seen the sea, when they will only enjoy the sea for a day. Because she won't be able to find swimsuits where she lives, she'll see standard size numbers on sales websites and she'll be like, 'I wonder if it'll happen to me?' he will. But thanks to Instagram, he will see the comments made by users, see how the product stands on someone close to his body, and he has many more advantages

Yes, you can also do something on Instagram. How? It's quite simple. To reach the right audience with the right shares in addition to a good audience. That's all. But to shape this a little more, that is, to tell you about it, let's get down to all the details. Firstly, Instagram comes across as a photo and then video sharing tool. So famous selfie 'self-shooting' the Oscar award ceremonies for the event and then share this to be done at sharing on Instagram, along with the largest advertising Instagram, this study is viral in the world with all the news channels, internet sites, has a presence in print media. And after that, as you know, it turned into complete madness. So much so that the saltbae movement made by Nusret has made a breakthrough in the world and has reached 30 million followers today. Famous faces such as football players and players began to share snaps from their daily lives. As a result, Instagram is a very important social media platform throughout the world, as well as

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